Chipy Mentorship Week 2

This is currently the second week of the mentorship and stuff happened.

The beginning of this week began with me doing a retrospective with my mentor. A retrospective is when you review what went well with your project and what went wrong during the week so you can make minor improvements.

I needed help with managing my time. My mentor suggested that I read David Allen’s Getting Things Done also know as GTD. GTD is a productivity system for people who feel overwhelmed with work tasks and need a way to organize things. I attempted to read it but it was too dry; I kept falling asleep.

So I googled a summary of the GTD system and it was similar to the Bullet Journal system. The just of these systems is that any idea that pops into your head write it down. Once you write them down organize them and look at your list often. I try to do daily reflections so I can understand what tasks are actually important to me. And which task that I procrastinate on constantly.

For example, I wrote in my bullet journal to write this blog post three days ago. I’ve noticed that I’m putting this off so I decided to “eat the frog” and I wrote a horrible rough draft. After the first rough draft, I kept editing until I was satisfied with this post.

Another procrastination tool that I abuse is Youtube. I would say to myself that I will watch one video and the next thing I know I spend 5 hours watching hair tutorials.

My mentor installed a site blocker on my Chrome browser.

A quick overview of what I did during week 2:

Monday — Finally got the Python VS Studio Code to work and played around with the Marvel API.

Tuesday — Did my first Agile Retroactive

Wednesday — Finally read most of a python tutorial from the official site.

Thursday — Gained a better understanding of Object Oriented Programming in Python

Friday — Created a Github Repo of my mentorship project.


Finally, this will be the last weekly overview of my ChiPy journey on Medium. Instead, I will be doing monthly overviews of my progress with the ChiPy mentorship program. I will also be writing more technical tutorials in the future.

If you want to learn what I’m learning during this mentorship program I decided to blog about my coding experiences with Python using #100DaysofCode format. I will be logging in everything I do on my ChiPy Mentorship Github repo.

Full Stack Developer | Aspiring Data Scientist | Northwestern Coding Bootcamp Student | Udacity Scholar | Foodie

Full Stack Developer | Aspiring Data Scientist | Northwestern Coding Bootcamp Student | Udacity Scholar | Foodie