• Paul Lorsbach

    Paul Lorsbach

  • Rafael D. Hernandez

    Rafael D. Hernandez

    I’m a Web Developer, who loves to play drums, watch some NBA Basketball, and read some great articles about tech, web development, and self-improvement.

  • Norma Zamora

    Norma Zamora

  • Antonio Rowry

    Antonio Rowry

    Building BlueStudios.io. Previously, BLUE1647 & @DePaulU. Building ventures that make the world better. Life plan = loop { create_value(); impact_lives(); }

  • Amrita Singh-Blom

    Amrita Singh-Blom

    …and I want to be a rock star when I grow up.

  • Mark Ng

    Mark Ng

  • Alexandre Volpi

    Alexandre Volpi

    Data Science at Self Employed

  • Sophia Li

    Sophia Li

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