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  • Clark Jason Ngo

    Clark Jason Ngo

  • Rafael D. Hernandez

    Rafael D. Hernandez

    I’m a Web Developer, who loves to play drums, watch some NBA Basketball, and read some great articles about tech, web development, and self-improvement.

  • Bryony Miles

    Bryony Miles

  • Mollie Pettit

    Mollie Pettit

  • Anuja Nagpal

    Anuja Nagpal

    Data Scientist- Keeping up with Data Science and Machine Learning. #datascience #machinelearning #womenintech

  • Maroco Chan

    Maroco Chan

  • Diana MacDonald

    Diana MacDonald

    Author of Practical UI Patterns for Design Systems. Creator of Typey Type for Stenographers. Data Viz Engineer.

  • Angela He

    Angela He

    cs@stanford // makes art and games https://zephyo.github.io/

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